Is It the Worst Thing You Can Be Called?

A lot of times I will see someone reply to someone’s opinion or comment saying “you must be mentally ill”.

I’m sorry, but is calling someone “mentally ill” the most offensive thing to be called now? Is mental illness the pinnacle of the worst traits anyone could have? Is it supposed to be the be all, end all to insults?

Hell, no. And it’s extremely offensive that people decided that insulting each other by calling each other “mentally ill” is appropriate and funny. It isn’t. It’s rude and demeaning to people like me. Yes, I have a mental illness. No, that does not make me less of a person, ignorant, stupid, ugly, or anything else. It simply means my brain is sick and needs some help. That’s it.

I mean, would you insult someone by saying “oh, you must have the flu” or “you must be diabetic”? No, of course not. They don’t even make since as insults. So why is okay and accepted to insult someone by calling them mentally ill or telling them there must be a disorder inside their head? Why is this considered one of the worst things you can tell someone?  No one blinks twice when someone says they have a physical illness, like a cold or a headache. Mental illness should be treated in the same way. It is nothing something anyone asks for, but it is treatable and we function just like everyone else with a bit of TLC. It’s seriously cruel to mock others by degrading those with mental illnesses. Using that as an insult just adds to the negative stigma surrounding mental disorders and their sufferers.

Please think next time before you make a mean comment to someone. I’m not saying you should go around insulting others, but come on. There are MUCH better comebacks than “you sound mentally ill”. There’s tons of fun words out there that you can use while disagreeing with someone without adding to the stigmas of us battling a mental affliction. Maybe trying looking up some in Urban Dictionary. Whatever you do, though, please don’t use us as an insult – it makes no sense and is very hurtful to an entire group of people who is already stigmatized enough as it is.

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